Friday, November 29, 2013

Hi Sissy

skirt: loft //  sweater: thrifted // shirt: loft // scarf: h&m (exact) // jacket: thrifted //
boots: steve madden // sunglasses: urban //
fleece-lined tights: urban (exact) plus, lace tights: target (similar) //
socks: urban (similar
// hat: h&m // belt: thrifted, VT

Okay, okay -- I'm back. (Mom says that across-the-country sister wants to know what I've been wearing, which is as good a reason as any to start posting again.) November totally derailed all efforts to maintain a regular blogging schedule (work travel + some intense deadlines, many lovely visitors, an MIA cameraman -- it goes on). On the list of things to be thankful for: a blogging audience that puts up with my inconsistencies. (Thanks, y'all!)

I do promise that I'm going to buckle down and squeeze in the last 2/3rds of this 30-30 (even if it's significantly colder than when I started); and, on the horizon -- a specific post that I've been meaning to finish up for months now.


  1. perfection. teach me your ways! if i were to wear that skirt, i would look soooo skanky (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not what i'm going for). your coat/hat/scarf combo reminds me of my favorite skittles combo. if you've never eaten the red, yellow, and purple skittles all at once, you should get on that.

    xo nicole

  2. ee, your outfit is darling! i love all of the colors and the layering!

    lindsey louise

  3. haha! My relatives are by far the loudest complainers when they think I'm neglecting my blog. :) It's fun to know that they really enjoy your blog so much!

  4. This looks adorable! I love all these colors together. I fell off the face of the earth around the beginning of October, so I totally understand inconsistent blogging. I'll be back to more regular commenting, too. I miss you ladies and stealing all your outfits.

  5. I'm glad you are back though sometimes blogging breaks are needed.

    I like this outfit- so cute, but then I'm a sucker for anything red, white and black.


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