Monday, October 7, 2013

Urban basics

hat: urban // shirt: forever 21 // skinnies: urban (exact) // boots: urban (exact, on sale! ) // belt: thrifted // bag: urban

Fall is officially here in Maine, and it's making me want to overdose on warmer basics. I'm hoping that this won't last too long -- I've got big dreams that my recent return to the East Coast will be accompanied by a newfound ability to break out of my former Winter uniform (pants, sweaters, boots. Repeat). But for now, I'm loving cleaner, simple, casual looks for Autumn. 


  1. I had a dream last night that we both worked in Oakland still and rode the BART from Claddagh Falls, San Francisco, which does not exist but should, and the BART plunged right through the waters of the Bay like a waterpark ride rather than tunneling weasily underneath.

    1. UGH. what? this terrifies me, for many reasons.

  2. ooooh, BOOOOOOOOTS! and a hat too? fall is just so awesome!

    dash dot dotty


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