Monday, October 28, 2013


shirt, pants, shoes, earrings and bag: h&m // sweater: gift (exact)

Aaaand, here's what I actually wore today (vs. what I wore this weekend and got around to posting this morning). As you can tell, I'm currently having a little love affair with h&m -- and I think their new online shopping feature is to blame. Also, I dressed up as Velma for a Halloween party this weekend and gave myself makeshift bangs. (What can I say? I'm committed.) They worked out great for the costume but not so much in real life, so here's hoping I can squeeze in a (professional) haircut tomorrow.


  1. Are committed/should be committed can be such a fine line ;-)

  2. could you be any cuter? seriously. and those makeshift bangs look hella cute, in my humble opinion. i bet you were the cutest velma!

    xo nicole

  3. Love this outfit, it looks so cozy and perfect for fall!

  4. You gave yourself bangs in honor of your costume? That is commitment! I don't think they look bad at all, but bangs on naturally curly hair can tend to be a little wild, I know. Mine definitely tend to have "personality"!

    1. I do like bangs with curly hair, but I think they need to be a tad shorter (and more uniform) than mine currently are. Oh well!

  5. Fun to see an outfit of pants from you just because I hadn't yet!


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