Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Broken record

skirt: jcrew via thrift, CA // shirt: forever 21 // cardigan: loft (exact) // 
scarf: gift from skins // boots: steve madden // bag: h&m (exact) // necklace: forever 21

In the last few days, my hair has gone from lovely defined curls to flat and static (even before I hacked at it with scissors this weekend), which is another way to know that Winter is right around the corner. In case there were any doubters in the crowd.


  1. Replies
    1. Your frequent use of sarcasm means I can never trust your comments...

  2. you are doing a bang up job of posting all of these outfits! i find it impossible to take photos every day. per usual, i love this color scheme. actually, i'm going to name you the color scheme queen. that's you. ♛

    xo nicole

    1. Thanks Nicole! Neutrals + weird yellow-y greens is kinda my thing, I guess?

  3. sad curls days are the WORST! but in other news, your brown boots look amazing with black tights!

    dash dot dotty


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