Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bang, bang

boots: urban outfitters (exact, on sale) // dress: madewell // scarf: h&m (exact) //
bag: urban outfitters // jacket: thrifted, CA

Well, I didn't have time to take pictures yesterday -- so apologies for being a day behind now. You didn't miss much; I wore jeans and a shirt and some shoes (and I definitely will do it again soon, so don't sweat it). This is what I'm wearing today, and as much as I love this dress (it has pockets), the most exciting thing happening here is this snazzy new haircut I got this morning. Bangs, y'all!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Broken record

skirt: jcrew via thrift, CA // shirt: forever 21 // cardigan: loft (exact) // 
scarf: gift from skins // boots: steve madden // bag: h&m (exact) // necklace: forever 21

In the last few days, my hair has gone from lovely defined curls to flat and static (even before I hacked at it with scissors this weekend), which is another way to know that Winter is right around the corner. In case there were any doubters in the crowd.

Monday, October 28, 2013


shirt, pants, shoes, earrings and bag: h&m // sweater: gift (exact)

Aaaand, here's what I actually wore today (vs. what I wore this weekend and got around to posting this morning). As you can tell, I'm currently having a little love affair with h&m -- and I think their new online shopping feature is to blame. Also, I dressed up as Velma for a Halloween party this weekend and gave myself makeshift bangs. (What can I say? I'm committed.) They worked out great for the costume but not so much in real life, so here's hoping I can squeeze in a (professional) haircut tomorrow.

Five by five

skirt: loft // boots: urban outfitters (exact, on sale!) // chambray: forever 21 //
sweater: forever 21, thrifted CA // hat: urban outfitters // scarf: thrifted? 

Confession: I actually wore this on Saturday for a day of errands and cat-cuddling. (Though, since I work from home, I supposed there's nothing stopping me from wearing more relaxed looks on weekdays -- but somehow I feel more productive when I dress the part.) Also, I don't know exactly what to say about the fact that my head looks gigantic in these pictures. Let's attribute it to some bad hair and the massive scarf, because I swear -- in real life, I don't think I looked quite so much like a bobblehead.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Winter is coming

boots: steve madden // skirt: h&m // shirt: gap // sweater: h&m (exact) // bag: h&m (exact)

It's true -- Winter is coming, and that's not a Game of Thrones reference. One of the perks of living in Maine means that I finally get to have real seasons again... but one of them is Winter. And it's a long one. And it's coming.

This is my: it's COLD! face.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grease is the word

jacket: thrifted, CA // jeans: gap // stripes: h&m via thrift, CA // flats: urban outfitters (exact) //
scarf: h&m (exact) // bag: madewell 

Despite not starting work until ten, I slept in too late to take a shower and as a result, I've been singing this little ditty all day long. (Sidenote: this song is even better if you imagine they're singing about the country of Greece.)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


dress: express (exact) // sweater: h&m via thrift, CA // tights: forever 21 // boots: urban outfitters (exact) //
scarf: handmade -- my first ever!

After years of deep-seeded envy and fears of horrible knots, I just learned how to knit a few weeks ago -- so watch out, world. Your neck-to-scarf ratio is about to skyrocket. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Newly rusted

skirt: loft (exact) // shirt: gift -- thanks tim! (exact) // sweater: h&m (exact) // flats: urban outfitters (exact) //
clutch: urban outfitters // necklaces: urban outfitters, forever 21

This rust shirt is a new addition to my life, and I must admit: I lurve it somethin' fierce. It's soft and silky and the perfect shape, so obviously it made the cut for my fall 30-30-30. (Just ignore that it's a little wrinkly, please and thank you -- a better person would have ironed before wearing it. Not me.)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall 2013 30-30-30

Fall 2013 30-30-30

Fall 2013 30-30-30 by lebvs

Well -- it's that time again! Sarah and I are embarking on another 30-30-30: 30 items of clothes, 30 different outfits, 30 days (all kudos goes to Kendi for inventing the challenge). I'm notoriously bad at finishing in 30 days, but I'm determined to do so before 2014. Plus, for those of you good at math, you'll notice I'm actually at 31 items. To even it out, I'm actually doing a 31-31-31, but that doesn't sound nearly as good. 

PS. You are, of course, welcome to participate, too. If you've got a blog, be sure to leave me a comment so I can follow along! Let's do this thing.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thrice as nice

skirt: c/o mata traders (exact) // sweater: thrifted, forever 21 // shirt: h&m // hat: thrifted, CA // shoes: thrifted, CA // belt: thrifted, VT // bag: thrifted, CA
When Mata Traders sent me their saddleback striped skirt a few weeks ago, I just knew it would be perfect for Fall. And, since I can't seem to get over pairing this maroon sweater with blues and neutrals, it was a no-brainer to throw 'em all together. With the hat, I felt a little like it was 1943 and I was headed off to catch a train (plus, I feel like Sarah would approve). Even though I've recently been into simple, modern silhouettes, this one felt just right.

PS - check back soon for an upcoming post where I'll be remixing this skirt as part of a Mata Traders remix challenge (and see all of their new Fall collection here).

Friday, October 18, 2013


dress: madewell // sweater: h&m via thrift, CA // boots: h&m // bag: thrifted, ME // necklace: f21 //
blazer: thrifted, CA (pro tip: check the little boys' section)

This outfit went through a lot of iterations (no sweater, different blazer, different boots) before I finally made it out the door and off to work. Even now, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it -- but I think Alexa Chung would probably approve, which I guess means I can't be totally off-base.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


skirt: thrifted, CA // shoes: urban (exact; they're excellent and I can't stop wearing them -- though they have zero traction and I definitely ate it the other day as a result) // shirt: jcrew factory (exact) // necklace: urban (similar)

Pinkles = pink wrinkles = what this skirt becomes after sitting at my desk all day. No matter though -- it's still one of my faves of all time; it has pockets and I love the brightness. (Plus, I found it at a thrift store after proclaiming that a pink pencil skirt was the only thing I was allowed to buy. For all you thrifting newbies, that never happens!)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin patch

skinnies: f21 // button-down: urban  // sweater: thrifted, CA //
bag: urban // flats: urban (exact)

Even after all my years in SF (go Giants), I can't quite adjust to wearing orange and black without feeling like I'm screaming Happy Halloween! at the top of my lungs. Luckily it's October, so at least it's the right month -- if a few weeks on the early side.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


dress: gap // sweater: forever 21 // shoes: urban outfitters (exact) // 
necklace: thrifted // bag: urban outfitters

Huh... today's look is not so different than this one from last week (same sweater, same color scheme, same shape, and nearly same photo location while we're at it). This wasn't a conscious choice, but I'm not too concerned -- what is Autumn good for, if not rusts, maroons and navy-gray neutrals?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Urban basics

hat: urban // shirt: forever 21 // skinnies: urban (exact) // boots: urban (exact, on sale! ) // belt: thrifted // bag: urban

Fall is officially here in Maine, and it's making me want to overdose on warmer basics. I'm hoping that this won't last too long -- I've got big dreams that my recent return to the East Coast will be accompanied by a newfound ability to break out of my former Winter uniform (pants, sweaters, boots. Repeat). But for now, I'm loving cleaner, simple, casual looks for Autumn. 

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