Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A day late...

shorts: thrifted // shirt: jcrew factory (exact, on sale!) // shoes: urban outfitters // bag: curator, SF // bracelets: thanks, ma!

So, have I already broken my promise of posting each day for this 30-30-30, two days in? Yup. And... I'm about to head to out on vacation, sans-internet, for a few days... I swear, next week I'll get back on track! Also, in my weeks off from blogging, I've forgotten how to pose -- there are no usable pics of me looking at the camera; trust me on this one. This isn't even really what I wore on day 2; I just didn't manage to snap any photos yesterday (I'll recreate it and share it soon). My one redeeming quality? I updated the polyvore set with my final choices for the next month (see Monday's post to check 'em out). Phew!


  1. We forgive you :) I loved your last 30x30 and am really looking forward to following this one along too. Just wish we were living in the same season, but oh well I'll just update the SS13 inspiration files. xx

  2. Haha, I have days like that. It's so frustrating when every pose looks ridiculous and no pictures turn out acceptable!


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