Friday, July 19, 2013


Slacker blogger, to the maxx. It's hot out, and it's making me lazy. Looks five, six and seven from this summer 30-30:

shirt: thrifted, MA (similar) // skirt: thrifted, CA (exact) // shoes: payless (similar) // earrings: gift -- thanks EV! // belt: thrifte, VT

Day 6 - a mild case of bitch-face:
dress: madewell (exact, in all its perfection) // shoes: francesca's (similar) // necklace: thrifted (similar) // belt: forever 21 (similar)

And, day 7 - wrinkly skirt, greasy hair, caught in a quick rain:
pencil skirt: banana republic (similar) // shirt: thrifted, ME (similar) // cardigan: jcrew factory (exact) // shoes: francesca's (similar) // bag: thrifted, ME

Monday, July 15, 2013

Resist the urge

dress: forever 21 // lace crop-top: thrifted // sandals: thrifted // necklace: forever 21 // bag: thrifted // sunnies: second-hand store

I really, really wanted to wear a belt today, but instead used all my will-power to stay belt-free and go for the loosey-goosey look. (It's a hard life, I know.) I've worn a lot of other colors besides blue in this 30, but haven't managed to take any pictures... so for all you know, I'm deep in the throws of a blue-only obsession. The evidence is stacking up: I broke my no-shopping fast this weekend to buy another blue-and-white striped shirt! Oops. In my defense, it's a great shirt?

Thursday, July 11, 2013


dress: gap // shoes: urban (similar) // earrings: gift -- thanks, tim! (similar)

It's just too embarrassing to start another post with an apology for being MIA, so I'll skip that part. Here's what I wore after a quick dip when I was on vacation in upstate NY. It was lovely, and so so hot and humid all weekend, which meant that my hair was glorious and curly. Thanks, nature -- more of that, please! (Within reason.)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A day late...

shorts: thrifted // shirt: jcrew factory (exact, on sale!) // shoes: urban outfitters // bag: curator, SF // bracelets: thanks, ma!

So, have I already broken my promise of posting each day for this 30-30-30, two days in? Yup. And... I'm about to head to out on vacation, sans-internet, for a few days... I swear, next week I'll get back on track! Also, in my weeks off from blogging, I've forgotten how to pose -- there are no usable pics of me looking at the camera; trust me on this one. This isn't even really what I wore on day 2; I just didn't manage to snap any photos yesterday (I'll recreate it and share it soon). My one redeeming quality? I updated the polyvore set with my final choices for the next month (see Monday's post to check 'em out). Phew!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer 30-30-30

30-30-30 Summer 2013

After forsaking blogging for the last few weeks, I'm ready to dive back in -- but I figured I could use a little motivation. Sarah and I (and some non-bloggy friends) will be doing another 30-30-30 in July: 30 pieces of clothes, 30 days, 30 different outfits -- invented by Kendi, a remixing genius. I've done a few in the past (and chronicled my looks last time, here) and I'm feeling excited, but I'm still finalizing my items (oops). The above Polyvore set is more or less what I'll be including. (Though I swear, the exact colors and shapes of my clothes are way more exciting than these suggest -- but it is true in one surprising regard: lots and lots of blues. I don't know what happened, but I'm hooked now!)

And, here's what I wore today. Day one -- the journey begins:

mini: jcrew factory (exact style, different color) // shirt: swapped // shoes: thrifted 

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