Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Return of The Dress

dress: madewell (exact) // shoes: j crew factory (exact) // cardigan: madewell via thrift, CA // scarf: thrifted, MA // belt: thrifted, VT 

It's officially Spring here in Maine, but I somehow ended up in an autumnal/wintery color scheme today. I had on a bright yellow neon cardigan at one point while getting dressed, but gravitated back towards these neutral-heavy hues -- I'll have to wear some crazy brights tomorrow to make up for it! (I don't think she's posted yet, but be sure to check out Sarah at Closet Bookworm who styled this same dress in a much more Spring-y way earlier this week.)

Sidenote: I still love this dress so hard -- it's a good reminder to buy the pieces that I really want and love even if they cost a little more, instead of picking up random items because they're on sale or super-cheap at a thrift store. I definitely lean towards the latter strategy when it comes to shopping, and it's left me with a hodge-podge closet that still has some major holes in it. No more of that!

Friday, April 26, 2013

See my vest

skirt: forever 21 // chambray: forever 21 (similar) // vest: thrifted, VT // scarf: target via thrift, CA (similar) // shoes: urban outfitters (exact) // glasses: c/o firmoo.com (exact) // earrings: borrowed from my ma -- thanks, ma! 

Here's what I learned today: it's basically impossible for me to wear a vest and not constantly sing this from The Simpsons. (I also learned it's impossible to find a better quality video of that clip online, so I guess I learned two important life lessons today.) I didn't start the day off wearing a vest, though; initially I was vest-free and had on a belt, but I'm at my parents' house for the day and found this weird little number in the attic, so I decided to make good on the promise I made myself when I bought it years and years ago -- namely, that I'd totally, absolutely wear this bad-boy nonstop. I think I proceeded to wear it a total of zero times, and even though it didn't put me back much financially (fifty cents ain't so bad), I'd like to think that I'm an honest person who keeps her word. So, here goes -- enter The Vest into my regular wardrobe. Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? I promise to not upgrade to one made out of puppy hair, if that puts you at ease a bit (I'm no Mr Burns!).

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello again

dress: gap // tights: h&m // cardigan: jcrew via thrift, CA (similar) // necklace: f21 (similar) // shoes: urban outfitters // scarf: h&m via thrift, CA (similar)

Oops -- long time no blog, huh? Last week turned into an unexpected hiatus, but was much needed. Between settling into our new place and everything that happened in Boston, my brain appreciated not having think about the internet for a bit. I really did get dressed though, even if I didn't manage to tell you about it -- I promise!

Today was my first day working at a nearby shared work space, so I thought I'd rock some (self-imposed) office wear. After a few weeks of jeans and t-shirts with sweaters, it felt nice to be a little more dressed up and I swear I was somehow more productive -- seems silly, but I think it's true for me. (Err... not that I'm unproductive otherwise; just that it adds a nice little boost. I know some of my coworkers read this, so don't think if I'm wearing jeans, it means I'm slacking!)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love that dirty water

tunic: UO (similar) // skinnies: ambiance // boots: steve madden (similar) // blazer: h&m // scarf: ?? // necklace: ambiance // hat: UO (similar) // bag: UO (similar)

I usually keep it light on my blog, but I love Boston something fierce and would be remiss to not mention the tragic events that happened yesterday. Sincere gratitude to all who've contacted me with your support and love -- thankfully, all my family and friends are so far accounted for, though I know many people who know others less fortunate. My love and thoughts go out to those families and friends who are suffering such a deep and harrowing loss.

A friend of mine, who also happens to be much better at putting thoughts into words than I am, wrote a little something that I thoroughly recommend reading if you have the time. I also think it's also worth noting that sadly, this is not the only violent tragedy that occurred yesterday (for example, a US bomb killed 30 people at an Afhgan wedding) -- while I am closer to one of these events, that doesn't make it any more tragic or upsetting.

I'm feeling the effects of all this pretty hard emotionally, so I think that's it for me today. The quick updates are that we made it to Maine, the apartment is great, and we're so thrilled to have moved -- but I'm not in the right mood to write about all that just yet, so here are some quick outfit pics from before we left Boston:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jet lagged

jeans: urban outfitters // shoes: h&m // belt: street sale, SF // tank: target // lace t-shirt: f21 (exact) // necklace: made out of an old purse string // cardigan: target via thrift, CA (similar) // bag: thrifted, ME // scarf: target via thrift (similar)

Oh, hai there! It's been awhile. Moving across the country is... not so much fun; true story. I spent most of last week juggling packing, cleaning, working, and saying goodbye to friends and family. It was jam-packed, followed by a restless night's sleep in our apartment, sans-mattress (pro tip: sleeping on a wooden floor? Not so comfortable), and then hectic flight from San Francisco to Boston with two drugged and unhappy felines. As you can imagine, it's been an exhausting week, and I haven't had the time to think about blogging. I've missed you all -- how have you been?

As these pics demonstrate, I'm pretty sleepy these days -- the cats have made a quick transition to East Coast time, waking me up to feed them when the sun comes up, but 6:30 am EST feels like 3:30 am to me still, which is... too early. Way too early. These pics were taken our first day in Boston (in Cambridge, actually), and I can't get over how tired I look (and sadly still feel, three days later). I'm looking forward to being done with this transitional phase and fully adjusted to our new routines -- or at least moved into our apartment in Maine (we get the keys tomorrow -- yippee!).

Friday, April 5, 2013


dress: gap, old (similar) // shirt: urban outfitters (similar) // shoes: f21 // necklace: thrifted // glasses: c/o firmoo.com (exact) // bag: thrifted, ME // belt: thrifted, VT

A quick post -- this is what I wore a few days ago for packing, and then out to grab a bite to eat with friends. Truth be told, I ended up swapping the necklace out for a scarf that I tied around my neck like I was an stewardess from the '60s. I think I liked that iteration slightly better than this one, but didn't manage to snap any pics -- as is, I only got two of this version! At this point in the week (and t minus 4 days 'til we move cross-country), I'm amazed I'm able to remember to put on clothes at all. I've been living in a pair of too-big black skinnies and a gray t; perfect for packing, but not quite blog-worthy.

Oh, and these glasses? I got these c/o Firmoo.com last week, and I really love 'em. Ordering glasses online is especially scary, but I actually like these more than my others (last seen here). These are lightweight, don't fall off my face, and help me see better -- basically, the main things I look for in a pair of specs. Plus, they're well-made but inexpensive. If you're in the market, check out Firmoo's promo: you get the first one free (you cover shipping; new customers only).

And, just a heads-up: I'm sorry to say, but I think it's unlikely I'll have time for blogging until late next week. Isn't moving the worst? Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post -- I can't wait to see all your recent looks. I'll have a lot to read through once I get back to a regular schedule!

Monday, April 1, 2013


pants: h&m (similar) // jacket: h&m // shirt: thrifted, CA  // scarf: forever 21 (similar) // earrings: gift -- thanks, tim! (similar) // shoes: thrifted, CA // bag: h&m (similar)

It's raining, it's pouring, packing up everything I own in preparation to move is both stressful, and kinda boring (that's how the kids' rhyme goes, right?). I feel this weird combination of being totally overwhelmed by the amount of crap we've accumulated since moving to California, and totally apathetic about what gets shipped and what gets donated. Also, I have way too many pairs of shoes. Usually they are hidden away in my closet  so I can pretend that I don't, but now that I'm cleaning and packing, I'm also counting... and it's too many. Note to self: be smarter when it comes to new purchases. Ugh, team... cross-country moves? Not  so much fun. Life lessons, from me to you!

So, here's a look from... maybe a few weeks ago? Life has been going so fast lately -- I can't quite remember (yikes), but if I was inclined to put on clothes today, I think I'd end up in a similar outfit. Except probably with boots instead of flats, thanks to that reliable SF drizzle.

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