Wednesday, March 20, 2013


No outfit today (I did get dressed though, I promise) -- instead, I have a confession: as I've told you guys before, I'm moving back to Maine in about three weeks. I've also mentioned my rather comprehensive closet selection. I've been making strong progress with weeding out the duds and the unlikely-to-be-worn agains, and I'm proud to say that I've donated about ten (T-E-N -- count 'em!) bags of clothes to Goodwill in the last few weeks. I'd also managed to do a pretty good job avoiding shopping... until today.

I was downtown on my way home from a meeting and I somehow found myself in Madewell, where they were having a sale -- spend over $125, get 25% off. I've been eyeing this gray dress for literally months -- it's more than I usually spend on one item of clothing, but I can't seem to break its spell on me. After hemming and hawing in the store for about 20 minutes, I decided to go for it, but it didn't quite put me over the price limit so I bought a set of five rings, too. In the end, I basically got both for about a dollar more than the dress would have been on it's own. (Thanks Pops, for teaching me percentages when I was young -- I totally see their everyday value now!) So far, so good -- a purchase I've been considering since December and some jewelry that won't take up much room if shipped. 

But then... I dunno. I just kinda had to swing by Goodwill? And then I just kinda had to buy all these things: 

From left to right:
  • Amazing, crazy, perfect vintage sundress: $15: Look at that pattern! Look at those colors! Plus, it actually was my size and not tiiiiny or huuuge, like most of the vintage pieces I find these days. At $15, it was more than I like to spend at Goodwill, but I couldn't walk away.
  • Red leather fringe earrings: $2
  • Turquoise and gold bracelet: $2
  • Vintage leather belt: $2
  • Anthro-esque necklace that makes me feel like a crazy art teacher: $4
  • Super soft pink ombre scarf: Still with Target tags, $3
  • Actual anthro comfy t with a weiiiiird pattern: $4. Why do I love weird clothes so much?
  • Retro vintage skirt / blanket situation: $7. This plus ankle boots plus a winter hat? Yes please.
  • Cat: Not from Goodwill; that's Lady Sister Elizabeth Lemonsauce (we call her Little for short, since her sister is much, much bigger).
Ugh, team -- what happened? To be fair, I am so so so in love with all these things (and the total cost of all eight pieces was less than my Madewell purchase by more than half), but... this was not what I intended. Life lessons: don't try to go cold turkey when it comes to thrifting -- you will snap and end up with an entirely new wardrobe. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: 

This dress, though. Look at it! It's perfect.


  1. Whoa. Goodwill goldmine! That sundress is so wild and amazing... how could anyone have parted with it at the donation bin?

    1. Sigh. I wish I had been there! I will be in SF tomorrow afternoon... and since work is making me hike through the Tenderloin, I might swing by Anthropologie's clearance racks on my way back to BART.

  2. Haha, your new friend.
    The dress looks beautiful.
    More importantly, it's very cheap.

  3. Okay, I am convinced my Goodwill and your Goodwill are not even on the same level. Seriously..all of your finds are amazing, and I don't think I could've walked away from that dress even for a second! And I love that grey dress from Madewell. It's probably best that the closest Madewell is over a hundred miles away from me.

  4. Awesome finds! seriously though, I understand the feeling of just having to swing by Goodwill :p

  5. That plaid skirt is the best! I want it!

    1. Go to the Goodwill! They had another! Doo ittttttt dooo ittttt doooooo ittttttt!

  6. I'm dying over that vintage dress! It's AMAZING!!! Great find!!

    I splurged at the thrift store yesterday too. It must have just been a day for good finds!


  7. Perfect! love that dress! <3

    Following your awesome blog now! Hope you drop by and follow my blog too... :)

    Click on the link below:
    Lo's Closet

  8. omg great finds!! Especially adoring that dress!

  9. This dress is so "you"! I can totally see you wearing it around your town. I love the art teacher necklace, it looks so pretty!

  10. ohmahgoodness that dress! i thought it was a scarf and was so excited to see it with the madewell dress, but it's a dress of its own and it's beautiful! omg the shape of it is perfect. i'm so excited to see it on ya.

    also that belt. i've been looking for a belt like that for years. perfection.

    xo nicole


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