Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Chance Thursday

dress: f21 (similar) // polka dots: h&m via thrift, CA (similar) // cardigan: target via thrift, CA (similar in yellow, green) // belt: thrifted, IA // tights: h&m // booties: target via thrift, CA // bag: thrifted, CA (similar) // necklace: f21 (similar color: onetwo)

So, today's theme was "last chance Thursday" at work (what? You don't have themed fashion days in your office?) -- meaning, I gave some neglected items one last wear to determine if they were worth keeping. This dress makes me feel like a flight attendant, and I've actually never worn it out of the house (even though I bought it over a year ago -- of course), though I ended up kind of liking it by the end of the day. These shoes are slightly too small, and not quite what I want in a pair of gray booties -- so much so that I've already obtained a better, less cowgirly version, which I think means they officially haven't made the cut. While I'm at it, this belt is a kajillion sizes too big for me and might as well go, too. I'm feeling ruthless today! What do you think -- what's worth keeping, and what needs to head to Goodwill? 

(Warning: don't even try to tell me to toss this cardigan, though. I've had it for years and have somehow amassed a sizable collection of similarly-colored sweaters -- but this is the one that I want to wear nonstop, which sometimes I do (to the point where it's pilling and sort of just generally shabby... which I guess sort of means I should toss it, but I won't). Look at that color! It's ridiculous and bright, which is often my main criteria in selecting a sweater.)

PS. Joining in for What I Wore to Work, a link-up from Tara at Mix and Match Fashion. Check out what some other stylish folks have worn to their offices this past week!

Photos by Sarah -- thanks!


  1. I have a hard time letting things go. For this very reason! See...if you didn't have these items you couldn't have posted this super cute outfit! I wouldn't get rid of anything:)! I love the yellow cardi! I would wear it every day!

  2. I am loving this adorable combination. So cute! Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I could never give things a last hurrah - I'd end up keeping everything because of sentimental value! It's better for me to donate it in a whirlwind of spring cleaning. Haha. That said, I love everything you're wearing! (See? No help here.)

  4. Love this! The colors look fabulous together and what a pretty necklace :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. that dress doesn't make you look like a flight attendant even a little bit. i love the length and bodice on you a ton.

    i'm actually pretty good about letting most things go. i know when i'm legit never going to wear something and it's just taking up room in my closet. then there are pretty dresses that i've bought or shoes that just didn't look very good or fit quite right once i actually wore them, and i have a tough time letting go of those. so i'm in the process of opening a shop my closet! for items that i can't bring myself to take to savers and that i know are too wonderful for plato's closet (which has to be the reason they won't take them, right?).

    keep that sweater forever.
    xo nicole

  6. Your outfits are all way too cute! I have the same problem.. I hate getting rid of clothing because I'm so afraid I'm going to want to wear it again! I've done it before I donate something, then a few months later I want to wear it!

    And I love that cardigan, I think that is my favorite colored cardigan ever. I have a similar colored one and I wear it all the time!

  7. Beautiful pictures, Beautiful colors! :-)

  8. I love the last "I just walked into a fire hydrant" picture! This was a great outfit. Definitely didn't look like a last chance mess.

  9. haha, I don't think you look like a flight attendant at all! I love love that cardigan, so yeah, never ever get rid of it. Those polka dots underneath the dress give some depth, which is awesome. I have belts that are wayyyyy too big for me, but I can't seem to get rid of them because I don't want to find new ones, ha! I'm kind of with you on the boots though, and since they're a little small (I hate it when I buy shoes that are slightly too small) they'd be a good candidate!

    All-in-all though, I really love this look, Lily! :)

    kristina in retroworter

  10. Love those combinations of colors! so cute and unexpected.


  11. Super super cute outfit! One of my favourite colour combos is navy + mustard yellow so I am really adoring the colour combo going on here! You look fabulous! <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  12. I really like that dress - definite keeper! Shame the boots are too small though, as they are lovely :)

    Away From The Blue


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