Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fancy pants

pants: urban outfitters, mega sale (similar) // shirt: forever 21 (similar) // necklace: h&m (similar) // shoes: thrifted, CA (similar) // jacket: h&m (similar) // belt: thrifted, CA // scarf: zara (similar) // bag: h&m 

Do you have an opinion on these pants? Join the club. So many people commented on them today -- mostly positive feedback, but some that seemed to question my sense of fashion and better judgment -- that I feel the need to stand up and proclaim: I know you think you don't need a pair of highwaisted, pleated maroon slacks that make your hips look wider. It doesn't really sound like something anyone should need, or even want. But in fact, you do -- you want and need these pants. Or at least I do, which is why I bought these bad-boys online back in December. This was somewhat of an impulse-buy with the strong possibility to go horribly awry, but I ignored the nagging doubts in my head  ("There's probably a reason they're been marked down so steeply! You don't need more pants! You only wear jeans, anyways!") and clicked purchase. I'm pleased to report that I haven't looked back since -- plus, the basic tenets of middle school guidance counselor advice suggest that all the naysayers are just jealous, anyway. 


  1. Awesome - neighsayers are clearly jealous! I can see this myself rocking this look with my new burgandy jeans!

    Hope you can link up with Wardrobe Wednesday today - you might see a familiar face as the featured blogger!!! xo

  2. Great post! Beautiful outfit!

    All the best,

  3. Love your fancy pants! Such a pretty color on you.

  4. Rock your fancy pants!! :) I love the way you have accessorised with your necklace and scarf.

  5. Those pants are so fun, and you are totally rockin' them :) LOVE that gorgeous scarf too!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I could never pull those pants off, but you do wonderfully! I like them :)

  7. I don't think that I could ever pull off these pants but they look AMAZING on you. I actually really love them but I would never be brave enough to rock them. I envy your fearlessness! I also love the way you styled them, with the t-shirt, blazer, necklace and scarf, I love it all!

  8. Awesome outfit! So lovely:)

  9. I love your red pants! Lovely outfit.


  10. Such a classic color combo, love it...and the pants are wonderful!

  11. I
    That is all. :)

  12. you're so beautiful! omg! ^^

  13. put me down in the "heck yeah, those pants are a closet staple!" column. k, thanks!

    dash dot dotty

    1. I knew I could count on you for pants support! Which sounds funny. But you know what I mean...

  14. Yeah I love these pants! They look very good on you! I really like this outfit and I think I might wear one very similar next week.

  15. Totally LOVE the pants!



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