Friday, March 29, 2013


skinnies: ambiance // shirt: forever 21 (exact) // cardigan thing: thrifted, CA // boots: h&m // hat: UO (similar) // necklace: thrifted, IA (similar) // belt: thrifted, VT // bag: thrifted, ME

Phew! I'm so happy today is Friday (I know, I know -- quite the original sentiment). This week was insane -- I worked a ton, my mom got into town last night, my sister is nine months pregnant and due on Wednesday (yippeeeeee!), I'm moving across the country in less than two weeks (and have packed nothing), the cats woke me up in the middle of the night by knocking over a full-length mirror (nothing broke, but a loud crash is a disconcerting way to start your day at 4 am), we have a Mt. Everest-sized pile of laundry that's been staring me down all afternoon, and it's Passover so I'm avoiding all my favorite foods. (Bread! Pasta! Bagels! I miss you guys.)

All this manifested itself in a rather casual look for yesterday -- I actually wore this weird cardigan situation as another foray into "last chance Thursday;" what do you think? Keep or toss? It was perfect for the insanely gorgeous weather we've been having, but I think it's pretty unflattering. For whatever reason, I just can't bring myself to part with it just yet. (Ask me sometime next week if that's still the case -- I expect I'll be throwing things in boxes and bags at random in preparation for moving and will feel no attachment to anything I own).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


skirt: h&m (similar) // shirt: anthro via thrift, CA // belt: f21 (similar) // shoes: h&m // bag: thrifted, CA (similar) // necklace: ?

This shirt may basically be a tent, but I can't help it -- I love it. A weird floral-ish pattern and brownish red in color? Yes, please. I've decided it's time for me to just lean into the bizarre color palates I've been drawn to recently. Rust, greens, and various neutrals are just my jam these days. I'd like to say that these colors looked less hodge-podge together in person, but I'm not sure that's true. Oh well -- I plead the fifth (freedom) on this one.

PS. I'm linking up with Kelly at Kiwi Womens Style's for Wardrobe Wednesday

Monday, March 25, 2013

Curly swirly

dress: gap // tights: h&ms // boots: steve madden (similar) // blazer: h&m (similar) // scarf: h&m via thrift, CA (similar) // belt: thrifted, CA // earrings: gift from Sarah at Closet Bookworm // tote: forever 21

Pro tip: Don't go to sleep with wet hair while wearing a sleep mask (they are ridiculous, I know -- but once you start, you'll be addicted too). Or, if you do, budget more time for hair-care in the morning; don't think to yourself: "Well, it'll probably be fine -- surely it will mellow out in a few hours" as you rush out the door. This is not how curly hair works. (Evidence below.) Bonus points if you've had thick, unruly curls your whole life so you really have no excuse for this temporary lapse in judgment. Whoops! Time for a haircut again, methinks.

PS. I'm linking up with Shana at Colorblind for this week's Thrifters Anonymous -- see what other bloggers have scored at thrift stores here.

Friday, March 22, 2013

70's Art teacher in the sun

skinnies: levi's via thrift, CA // shirt: forever 21 (similar) // cardigan: forever 21 via thrift, CA (similar) // shoes: h&m // necklace: thrifted, CA // bracelet: thrifted, CA (similar) // bag: thrifted, CA (similar)

I really did get dressed in the dark this morning -- I left my house super early to meet friends for pre-work breakfast, and I don't think I actually looked down at what I was wearing until I was already out the door to catch my Muni. I'm not so sure I would have paired this shirt and cardigan together under other circumstances, but in the end I loved how they looked in contrast with the turquoise jewelry. Two shades of burnt orange (which I swear look less watermelon-y in real life), a big straw bag and this loud necklace? Welcome to my version of an art teacher from 1975.

Dream dress

Dress: Madewell (exact) // Shirt: swapped with Sarah at Closet Bookworm (similar) // Bag: thrifted, CA (similar) // Shoes: thrifted, MA (similar) // Scarf: Target via thrift, CA (similar) // Locket necklace: thrifted,VT (similar)

Sometimes when I buy a new item, I'm so excited that I have to wear it right away. Not surprisingly, that's how I felt about this dress -- but, can you blame me? It's perfect. I salivated over it for months and months and now that I bought it, I have no regrets (despite it's hefty price tag, in comparison to my usual Goodwill purchases). Me and this dress? We're basically in love and about to head off on our honeymoon -- by which I mean, I'm blogging at 10:30 at night and not yet in bed, maybe because this dress is basically glorified pajamas. I promise I won't sleep in it, though.

PS. Linking up with Tara at Mix and Match Fashion for What I Wore to Work -- head on over to get inspired!

Last photo by Jason, first few by Sarah (who's also the one in the stripes!)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


No outfit today (I did get dressed though, I promise) -- instead, I have a confession: as I've told you guys before, I'm moving back to Maine in about three weeks. I've also mentioned my rather comprehensive closet selection. I've been making strong progress with weeding out the duds and the unlikely-to-be-worn agains, and I'm proud to say that I've donated about ten (T-E-N -- count 'em!) bags of clothes to Goodwill in the last few weeks. I'd also managed to do a pretty good job avoiding shopping... until today.

I was downtown on my way home from a meeting and I somehow found myself in Madewell, where they were having a sale -- spend over $125, get 25% off. I've been eyeing this gray dress for literally months -- it's more than I usually spend on one item of clothing, but I can't seem to break its spell on me. After hemming and hawing in the store for about 20 minutes, I decided to go for it, but it didn't quite put me over the price limit so I bought a set of five rings, too. In the end, I basically got both for about a dollar more than the dress would have been on it's own. (Thanks Pops, for teaching me percentages when I was young -- I totally see their everyday value now!) So far, so good -- a purchase I've been considering since December and some jewelry that won't take up much room if shipped. 

But then... I dunno. I just kinda had to swing by Goodwill? And then I just kinda had to buy all these things: 

From left to right:
  • Amazing, crazy, perfect vintage sundress: $15: Look at that pattern! Look at those colors! Plus, it actually was my size and not tiiiiny or huuuge, like most of the vintage pieces I find these days. At $15, it was more than I like to spend at Goodwill, but I couldn't walk away.
  • Red leather fringe earrings: $2
  • Turquoise and gold bracelet: $2
  • Vintage leather belt: $2
  • Anthro-esque necklace that makes me feel like a crazy art teacher: $4
  • Super soft pink ombre scarf: Still with Target tags, $3
  • Actual anthro comfy t with a weiiiiird pattern: $4. Why do I love weird clothes so much?
  • Retro vintage skirt / blanket situation: $7. This plus ankle boots plus a winter hat? Yes please.
  • Cat: Not from Goodwill; that's Lady Sister Elizabeth Lemonsauce (we call her Little for short, since her sister is much, much bigger).
Ugh, team -- what happened? To be fair, I am so so so in love with all these things (and the total cost of all eight pieces was less than my Madewell purchase by more than half), but... this was not what I intended. Life lessons: don't try to go cold turkey when it comes to thrifting -- you will snap and end up with an entirely new wardrobe. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: 

This dress, though. Look at it! It's perfect.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday and a welcome

pants: zara (similar) // shirt: h&m (similar) // cardigan: gap via thrift, CA (similar) // boots: h&m  // belt: thrifted, VT // necklaces: forever 21 (similar: short, long) // bracelets: store in Iowa // tote: heath ceramics (exact) // sunnies: street vendor, prague

Ugh, team -- it's official: this week is kicking my butt. Mainly, I think I'm coming down with a cold so I'll keep this short and sweet. This is what I wore to work today, and I felt a little like I had time-traveled from the 70's -- which generally means I feel like I've done something right, style-wise. Sarah, my wonderful co-worker / dear friend / regular blog photog (and new style blogger over at Closet Bookworm -- check her out!) also dressed from the same general era (unplanned, I swear), which was a nice little surprise to a somehow jam-packed yet loooong Tuesday. (Tuesday! It's only Tuesday?! Yikes.)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Muted morning

dress: vintage, thrifted CA (similar) // cardigan: thrifted, CA (similar) // boots: steve madden (similar) // belt: forever 21 (similar) // tights: hue (similar)

Oh, Monday. Sometimes you get the best of me, and I end up destroying all my weekend closet cleaning in one fell swoop, leaving a trail of discarded outfits in my wake. I was having one of those mornings, so I went back to the basics: perfect vintage dress, green cardigan (you can never have too many -- I swear) and my number one boots. When my brain isn't quite ready to face the day, I find it's best to stick with tried and true outfits. What's your favorite I-somehow-can't-figure-out-how-to-dress-myself-even-though-I-do-it-every-day-so-I'll-just-wear-this look?

I'm loving muted tones recently, even though Spring is basically here in the Bay. I guess it's technically time to put away my boots and break out the bright colors, but since it feels like we never really get Fall in San Francisco, I'm sneaking it in, now. What? It can be Autumn in March. (Want proof? Just last week, I pretended it was October.)

Friday, March 15, 2013


plaid: jcrew via thrift, CA (similar) // sweater: f21 via thrift, CA (similar) // skirt: f21 via thrift, CA (similar) // boots: steve madden (similar) necklace: f21 (similar) // hat: f21, old

This is one of those outfits that I never thought I would ever wear. It's not particularly fashion-forward or earth-shattering, but for a long time I did not consider myself a skirt-person. If I did bother to wear one, it was because fanciness was required -- so the idea of wearing a basic, simple skirt just because was completely foreign. Plus, the hat. I don't know how I went so long in life without understanding this one basic truth about myself: I love hats. I thought I hated them, but I was wrong, so very wrong. Do you have any styles that you used to avoid, but now rock on the regular?

And, despite what past-me would have predicted, I felt totally myself in this look, (even with all the wrinkles in my skirt, because, well... that's just something that happens when you wear skirts from Forever 21), and I especially loved the Autumn vibe, which is my favorite season (New England fall foliage, we are gonna hang out so hard next year). Happy Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


skirt: thrifted, CA // shirt: h&m (similar) // shoes: thrifted, MA (similar) // necklace: forever 21 (similar, but much more expensive -- sorry!) // bag: thrifted, CA (similar) // belt: thrifted, VT

Today's forecast was hot, hot, hot -- though when we took these pics, it was still a bit foggy, chilly and gray. (I'm a really good actress, you guys -- that's why you can't tell from these photos. Duh.) Luckily by noon, it had officially heated up, which meant that for the first time in forever it was warm enough to eat lunch outside... in my office's rooftop garden. Not too shabby, I know. Plus, doesn't this outfit just beg to be worn whilst in good company, eating a chicken torta, sitting in the sun, surrounded by lemon trees and bright California flora? I think yes, so that's exactly what I did.

PS. I'm honored to be chosen as this week's featured blogger by Kelly over at Kiwi Womens Style -- this week's theme is "Scary Colors," which is perfect for me (if you're a frequent reader of Fifth Freedom Fashion, you'll know I've been pretty into bright hues recently). She's also hosting a pretty rad link-up, which you should definitely check out. Thanks again, Kelly!

Fancy pants

pants: urban outfitters, mega sale (similar) // shirt: forever 21 (similar) // necklace: h&m (similar) // shoes: thrifted, CA (similar) // jacket: h&m (similar) // belt: thrifted, CA // scarf: zara (similar) // bag: h&m 

Do you have an opinion on these pants? Join the club. So many people commented on them today -- mostly positive feedback, but some that seemed to question my sense of fashion and better judgment -- that I feel the need to stand up and proclaim: I know you think you don't need a pair of highwaisted, pleated maroon slacks that make your hips look wider. It doesn't really sound like something anyone should need, or even want. But in fact, you do -- you want and need these pants. Or at least I do, which is why I bought these bad-boys online back in December. This was somewhat of an impulse-buy with the strong possibility to go horribly awry, but I ignored the nagging doubts in my head  ("There's probably a reason they're been marked down so steeply! You don't need more pants! You only wear jeans, anyways!") and clicked purchase. I'm pleased to report that I haven't looked back since -- plus, the basic tenets of middle school guidance counselor advice suggest that all the naysayers are just jealous, anyway. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

A better bootie

button-down tunic: forever 21 (similar; can't find exact online but it's a recent purchase!) // blazer: target via thrift, CA (similar) // skinnies: levi's via thrift, CA // boots: urban outfitters (similar) // necklaces: thrifted, CA and forever 21 // bag: thrifted, CA (similar) // belt: thrifted, VT 

This weekend I donated my boots from "Last Chance Thursday" (along with five other bags of unlikely-to-be-worn-again items) -- and I'm happy to report that I've felt no regrets, mainly because I knew I already owned this pair and I am enamored. I got them mid 30-30 (after I conveniently forgot about that no-shopping rule), but had to wait to wear them -- so obviously I did the only logical thing: I planned a billion outfits in my head showcasing all their glory. All this to say that I hope you like these boots, dear readers. They're gonna be showing up around here a lot in the next few weeks -- I can just tell.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Purple flowers

black maxi dress: old navy via thrift, CA (exact) // lace shirt: f21 (exact) // jacket: thrifted (similar) // scarf: f21 (exact) // shoes: urban outfitters // necklace: thrifted, CA -- made from an old purse chain! // sunnies: prague street vendor // bag: thrifted, CA

I spent a lot of time cleaning the apartment and going through my closet this weekend, which naturally meant that I changed my clothes an insane amount of times -- so, this is what I wore at some point on Saturday for a quick walk and out for date-night dinner at a nearby restaurant. Then the sun set and I was freezing, so I threw on a new look and met up with friends for drinks and chocolate. Before all this, I hung out with my sister and niece and wore something completely different. I guess it was just a three outfit minimum kind of day -- and that's not even counting all the abandoned items found in my wardrobe that I wore around the house while trying to talk myself into donating them to Goodwill. I am in awe of those of you out there who are able to get rid of pieces you doubt you'll wear again. It's a skill I'd really like to cultivate, instead of ferociously hoarding silkscreened t-shirts that I made when was seventeen. (Whyyyyy do I still have so many of these?)

Other life challenges? Taking pictures of black maxis on an iPhone. Kudos to my cameraman for his many attempts!

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