Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snip snip

skirt: thrifted, CA (similar) // lace tank: zara (similar) // moss green cardigan: gap via thrift, CA (similar) // shoes: payless (similar) // belt: thrifted, VT  // necklace: thrifted, CA (made from a handbag chain)

I'm not gonna lie -- I've been dreaming about wearing this outfit for days now. It was one of the first ideas I had back when I started my 30-30 (in January!), but I hadn't gotten around to actually wearing it until today. It's basically all my favorite pieces thrown together, but I think it works -- though, I'm of the new-found belief that a pink pencil skirt goes with practically anything. 

Plus, yesterday I went to the dentist and in order to keep good on one of my new year's resolutions, that meant I was due for a real haircut. (Other signs that it was time? I've been tossing it up into a makeshift bun way too often, and my bangs were out of control.) I wasn't quite sure what I wanted besides "shorter" and "less crazy," but I'm really happy with how it turned out. As a result, here are a bajillion pictures, because that's how I roll: (Though, many didn't make the cut -- there were so many outtakes this morning, I think it was because we had company in the form of a man sitting in his car and staring -- fun times!)  

Photos by Sarah -- thanks!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The song of siren shoes

skinnies: f21 (similar) // button down: urban outfitters (similar) // shoes: gap via thrift, CA (similar) // necklace: f21 (similar) // bag: urban outfitters // belt: thrifted, CA

Oh, it is Halloween already? Wait, no -- it's not. It's definitely just the end of February. So, what am I doing in orange and black? Well, I'm nearing the end of my 30-30 (yippee!), so I'm kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Is this a color combo I'd rock on the regular? Probably not, but I actually ended up really like how these pants look with this necklace and shoes. The perks of doing a remix challenge -- new outfits emerge from a limited selection! That being said, the rest of my closet is starting to call to me. It's getting harder and harder to resist the sirens' song. And by sirens, I mean my neglected shoes. Can't you hear them singing?

Monday, February 25, 2013

An important introduction

skirt: jcrew via thrift, CA (similar) // tights: h&m, old // t shirt: gap, old  (similar) // jacket: banana republic, gift (thanks, ma!) // shoes: gap via thrift, CA // scarf: thrifted, CA (similar, ish) // belt: f21 // bag: thrifted, CA // earrings: gift--thanks, tim! (similar)

If you're a frequent reader 'round these parts, you'll probably recognize this wall-and-door backdrop -- it's right outside of my apartment and laziness often takes over, so I regularly pose for outfit pictures directly underneath my living room window. What you don't know is that my two cats, Marl Brae and Little Sister, find this whole thing extremely worrisome and distasteful. They do not approve, and can often be found scratching at the window pane, meowing at me and my camera man. So, today, I'd like to introduce these sweet felines of ours. Cats, meet blog. Blog, meet cats. And, you know... here are some outfit pictures, too. Come for the cats, stay for the clothes -- that's how we do it around here. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New layers

skirt: jcrew, thrifted CA // chambray: f21 // lace: zara // moss cardigan: gap via thrift, CA // shoes: thrifted, CO //
belt: thrifted, VT // mini backpack: gift (thanks, ma!)

This outfit is a perfect example of why I love remix challenges: I was scrolling through the archives of Calivintage and wanted to try to recreate a similar aesthetic. I love this chambray (I've basically been living in it these last few months), and I love this lace top too -- but it's felt decidedly less versatile. Now that I've realized I can use it for layering with more shirts than just a plain white tank top (duh), I'm brimming with new ideas. Plus, I really liked how this look came together, and I'm confident I wouldn't have stumbled onto it if I had access to my full wardrobe. 

I also really liked how it was pretty warm this weekend -- look ma, no tights! Given Portland Maine's current temperature (mid 30s -- eek!), I'm especially thankful for the temperate weather. For those of you facing the onset of (more) snow, you're in my thoughts. Stay warm, y'all!

Friday, February 22, 2013


 skirt: thrifted, CA // shirt: urban outfitters // cardigan: urban outfitters // belt: from a long-lost h&m jacket // boots: thrifted, CA // earrings: italy, souvenir

I was told I look like a sunset in this outfit, which is fitting, because I didn't end up having time to take pictures yesterday until around then, anyways. So, here I am -- looking like a sunset, during a sunset. This is starting to sound like a Taylor Swift song in the making, huh? The next line would be, "my feelings for you, fading like a sunset," and then some vaguely coded insults about her most recent ex. Are your outfits ever inspired by imaginary pop songs? No? Just me? Good to know.

Photos by Sarah -- thanks!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

230 Blue

coat: h&m // dress: gap // tights: h&m // booties: gap via thrift, CA //  stripes: h&m via thrift, CA // belt: italy souvenir // bag: f21 //  scarf: h&m via thrift, CA // necklace: f21

Holy moly, it was cold yesterday! Well, not really -- not actually, objectively "cold" by any real standards, like according to people who live in places where it actually gets, you know, cold. Like, below freezing cold. But, it was Bay Area cold and pretty windy, so I wore a shirt under a dress and my warmest tights, threw on a belt and a giant scarf and called it a day. I guess it's a good thing we delayed our move back East until April -- I'm not sure I'm tough enough to dive straight back into Maine winter. Snapping pics without my coat was brutal -- I'm in awe of those of you living in places with real weather; how do you manage to brave the outdoors for pictures? Do you have secret tips and tricks I should know about? I guess I'll figure it out soon enough!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Our little secret

dress: urban outfitters // shirt: urban outfitters // shoes: thrifted, CA // mini backpack: gift (thanks, ma!) // tote: curator // sunnies: street vendor, prague // necklace: forver 21

I've returned from spending the weekend at a lovely cabin in the woods (where we re-watched Cabin In The Woods -- sidenote: why would I do this? I am so horrible at scary movies!), and I've got to admit that my brain was a little behind (aka, still terrified; seriously, why would I think I could watch that movie and not be on edge all night?), so I didn't wear anything impressive today. Instead, here's a pre-haircut outfit from last weekend, which I wore out to meet up with a friend for a day devoted to exploring, thrifting and snacking -- and, might I add, we had great luck in all three. Particularly me, and particularly with thrifting; I snagged two vintage dresses, the most perfect leather LL bean boots (pictured below), and a(nother) moss green cardigan (you can never have to many. I swear), plus some other stuff that you'll see soon enough. I know, I know -- I have totally, completely failed at not shopping during this 30. In my defense, I think I held out for almost all of the first month, but since it's taking me so long to document each look (it's been about a month and a half since I started), I kinda decided to let that clause slide. Don't tell Kendi, okay? It'll be our little secret... that I just posted on the internet. Oops.

Looking at these pictures, I realize we captured two slightly different looks -- which do you prefer: shirt unbuttoned, necklace under, or shirt buttoned, necklace over? I think I'm partial to the former, since the overall vibe was so casual. 

Photos by Sarah -- thanks!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Into the woods

shirt: h&m in amsterdam, old // skirt: jcrew via thrift, CA // boots: steve madden // belt: f21 // earrings: gift (thanks, tim!) // bag: curator (this shop is a dream!)

Today, I'm headed off into the woods for a weekend mini-vacation with dear friends (where I'll be taking a break from 30-30ing and instead sporting some of my favorite cabin-chic styles) -- so here's an outfit that I wore last weekend at some point. Though I didn't make it to our farmers' market, I think this would have been perfect for picking out my weekly produce and sampling homemade cheese (yum). A few weeks ago, a girl who staffs a favorite stand told me she looks forward to seeing my outfits -- maybe next time, I should tell her that I have a blog...

I'm on the fence as to if I should hang onto this shirt after this 30 ends -- I got it years ago on a whim when I studied in Amsterdam, and never manage to wear it, despite my best intentions. The sleeves are a little... ambitious, as is the collar; but, I love the print, and it's one of the few blue-and-green items I own. I included it in this 30 with the hopes of forcing myself to wear it more, but so far, no dice. What do you all think? Keep or donate?

Thursday, February 14, 2013


skinnies: ambiance // polka dot button down: urban outfitters // cream sweater: h&m via thrift, CA // shoes: payless // scarf: gift // necklace: f21 // bag: thrifted, CA

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd throw in some pinks and reds to an otherwise neutral-heavy look. This is about as girly as it gets for me most days (though, my new favorite pink pencil skirt would beg to differ). I love the simplicity of layered shirts, and the pops of red were just right. My hair, on the other hand? Well, let's just say I've learned a lesson in hair hubris -- don't publicly proclaim you've found the perfect solution to taming your unruly mane; you're just asking for a bad hair day. 

PS. Signs for reserved parking or instructing me to not block a fire door? Apparently, I'm all for ignoring them when blogging is at stake. 

PPS. I thoroughly recommend you watch this animated short, "The First Valentimes Day... That I Don't Believe!" from the folks at Written By A Kid. It makes me cackle each time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bring it on

skirt: thrifted, CA // stripes: h&m via thrift, CA // chambray: f21 // necklace: f21 // shoes: payless // clutch: thrifted, VT

Oh, hello Monday. I know we've had our differences in the past, but I'm feeling ready for you. It must have something to do with my outfit, because I definitely did not get enough sleep last night (it might be time to re-instigate my "no internet after 10 pm" rule). Between the pencil skirt and unexpected color pairing (turquoise and red, you guys! Who knew?), wearing this look makes me feel powerful, sleek and ready to start this week off right. So, bring it on, Monday. 

(Sidenote: please discuss -- Bring It On, great movie, or greatest movie? My undying devotion to Eliza Dushku means I'm a little biased. Make your case in the comments.)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Everyday autumnal

rust skinnies: f21 // purple shirt: urban outfitters // cream cardigan: urban outfitters // boots: steve madden // belt: thrifted, VT // bag: thrifted, ME // scarf: h&m via thrift, CA

Some good things are happening here, dear reader. For starters -- oranges, purples and browns, oh my! (Forgive me -- I just took my niece to see Wicked and now I've got Wizard of Oz on the brain.) I'm loving this color combination and I'm not sure I would have ever stumbled onto it if not for this 30-30, so I guess I have to take back some of my grumbles from yesterday about finishing up this challenge. I'm feeling rejuvenated and inspired and maaaaaayble played dress-up for a good chunk of the afternoon. (Hint: I did.)

Secondly, let's talk about my hair and how it is (temporarily) perfect. Two major changes contributed to this shift: 1. I gave myself a haircut again and it worked out surprisingly well, and 2: I bought new shampoo and conditioner about a week ago, and I think my hair has finally adjusted to it. I'd been struggling with finishing off the remnants of my Bert's Bees for the last few months -- even though every time I use it, my hair feels heavy and greased up. I finally decided I was never going to make it through the last 1/4 of the bottle and tossed it. Now I'm using Deva Curl products (more info here) and a tiny dab of Lush's beer-infused shampoo (a gift to my boyfriend from his brother that I've co-opted), and guys. My hair! It's. So. Good. We even got a shot of where I am deep in thought about this recent phenomenon:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bright side

skirt: // jcrew via thrift, CA // chambray: 21 // cardigan: express, gift (thanks ma!) // belt: thrifted, CA  // tights: h&m  // shoes: gap via thrift, CA 

How have I only managed to take pictures of fifteen outfits for this (apparently, never-ending) 30? Ugh. I'm getting pretty sick on these clothes; how about you guys? Glass half full says I'm half-way through, though... and I'm doing my best to look on the bright side. I might need to have some double-outfit posts next week to wrap this bad boy up, neat with a bow on top. 

As for this look, you know what I always say -- textured, sparkly cream skirt + yellow sweater? Sign me up.  Throw in some chambray and boots, and call it a day. Done and done.

Photos by Sarah -- thanks!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


dress: gap // cardigan: gap via thrift, CA // necklace: from my ma (thanks, ma!) // belt: thrifted, CA // boots: steve madden // scarf: swapped // bag: urban outfitters

After a few bright posts, it looks like I'm back to my neutral ways -- what can I say? In the colder months, I can't help but reach for black, grays and browns. I punched things up with gold jewelry and a new (though neutral-heavy) scarf, which was an acquisition in a recent clothes exchange. My trusted brown boots also couldn't help but make an appearance. Just like my propensity to make weird faces when being photographed -- that couldn't help but make an appearance (or two), too.

Thanks for taking these pics, Sarah!
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