Sunday, January 6, 2013

That 70's Sunday

 wedges: asos, last year // pants: zara // t-shirt: gap // cardigan: jcrew via thrift, CA // scarf: ?? // bag: thrifted, CA //
belt: thrifted, VT // bracelets: cute store in downtown iowa

Wide-leg jeans and burnt reddish-orange can really only mean one thing: I'm having a little 70's love affair. I've actually been on the lookout for some vintage high-waist wide-leg jeans since forever, but they are an elusive thrift store goal. These Zara ones will have to do until I find my dream pair -- I got these last year and haven't worn them much, but they fit a little differently than they used to and I like them much more than I remembered. Deep thoughts today on Fifth Freedom Fashion -- you're welcome!


  1. I love the 70s. In fact I believe I was born in the wrong era. Just look at my hair!

  2. Hah -- you're so cute. Let's have 70s day when this whole crazy 30 is over!

  3. I think you got those bracelets at a store in Iowa City called Revival; check them out if ever in the IC.

  4. Wow I LOVE those pants! so cute! what material is that? also it can't possibly be sunday YOURE AT WORK! Please explain.

  5. I TAKE IT BACK! Those aren't barn doors.

    1. Oh don't worry EV -- I run an honest operation! And has it been so long that you've forgotten what the barn doors look like!?!! For shame.

  6. Oh and the pants are light summer-ish denim? I bought these like a year ago and promptly came home and wrote you an email about it! This I know to be true.


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