Monday, January 21, 2013


11813-a earrings: oakland farmer's market? // lace shirt: zara // yellow cardigan: express, gift (thanks, ma!) // belt: thrifted, VT // bag: thrifted, CA // skirt: thrifted, CA // boots: steve madden via macy's

Phew -- it's been awhile! I somehow managed to take no useable photos over the weekend, so here are a few quick shots from last week, in which I felt a little like a sunflower thanks to the yellow-on-top, green(ish)-on-the-bottom color scheme. At this point in the afternoon, things were pretty wrinkly from sitting at my desk all day -- but, that's real life: sometimes, your linen skirt wrinkles, and sometimes, you take blog pictures next to an abandoned spoon. C'est la vie!

Photos by the lovely Sandra

1 comment:

  1. That mustard yellow is such a lovely colour on you!! xo


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