Monday, December 24, 2012

Legs like a carrot

boots: steve madden // socks: h&m, last year // tights: target // pencil skirt: banana republic // t-shirt: gap //
cotton moto coat: urban outfitters via thrift // earrings: gift // scarf: borrowed (thanks, Sarah! I promise to give it back this week!)

I had this vision of an outfit when I woke up this morning -- lots of gray and some warm tones for punctuation; something maroon or rust. And, in my head, these tights were... different. Namely, not bright, bright, bright, oh-my-god-I'm-blind bright orange. I swear, when I got these at Target a few weeks ago, they seemed more pumpkin spice than traffic cone. Target! Why must you trick me like this? Well, joke's on you, because when I was traveling in Europe two summers ago and took fashion notes, "legs like a carrot" was high on my to-do list. We can question the merits of this goal later -- what's important is that I'm achieving successes here, people.

Also, apparently it's Christmas Eve or something? So if you're celebrating, I hope it's lovely -- and if you're not, enjoy the Chinese food and nearly empty movie theaters! Please send me some bagels; it's kind of an emergency.


  1. Love those earrings! Even if they're kinda hard to see in the pics.

  2. You're wearing this scarf much better than I ever have (once), haha.

  3. LEGS LIKE A CARROT. I can't believe you waited for fate to lead me to this post instead of telling me straightaway.

    This is a really good outfit. It's making me think again about some bright red tights I have that I never wear. Because black + bold color is a little too high school mascot-esque, but GREY! Grey ... you are on to something.


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