Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lace on lace

boots: steve madden via macy's // tights: macy's? // hidden but perfect socks: target // skirt: f21 // shirt: zara // belt: h&m //
cardigan: madewell via goodwill //  scarf: thrifted // bag: h&m // earrings: h&m // glasses: kate spade

Q: What happens when you stay up until midnight watching Dr. Who? 
A: You accidentally fall asleep without taking out your contacts, and have to wear your glasses the next day. Also, it takes you an extra 30 minutes to get dressed in the morning, and you're so tired that you don't even realize you've worn a lace skirt and a lace shirt (the only two lace items you own, in fact, except for that dress you just bought last week), until you get to the office and people start commenting. 

You'd think I might have learned a lesson from last night. But if we're being honest, I'm just taking a brief break to write this post so I can get back to Netflix and finish season 4...

Also, special thanks to Sarah for not only taking my pictures, but taking them on a real camera. Apparently, iphone technology can only take us so far. Plus, this totally cute thing happened -- matching socks!


  1. I thought lace-on-lace looked totally planned and intentional, and not at all sleepy/sloopy. When I am really braindead in the morning, I just fallback on familiar outfits and am not usually confident enough in my faculties to try something new :-)

  2. Upvotes for lace-on-lace and matching-boot-coincidences.


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