Monday, December 3, 2012


skinnies: ambiance // shirt: zara, old // loafers: thrifted, colorado // circle scarf: h&m via goodwill // bag: thrifted, maine // earrings: h&m

Well, after about a year of lurking, here goes: post one, day one...

Today I worked from home until one or so, and then went for a walk in Golden Gate Park in the afternoon. No socks, no sweater -- this may be my third fourth (!) December in San Francisco, but I still can't quite adjust to the fact that winter doesn't usually require much here, just a scarf to keep warm. As nice as it is, I can't help but miss cold, crisp December days, when layering is a must, not a maybe.

Observations: time for a new pose, methinks. And maybe a haircut, while I'm at it.


  1. Replies
    1. Hah -- anything for you, my one reader!

    2. Two readers! You have two readers!

  2. Those skinnies are stinkin' perfect. You can't find good high-waisted things these days it seems. Unfortunately a bit out of my price range... maybe I'll eventually thrift something like them.

    1. I know -- I saw them on a friend and knew I had to have them. I'd been looking for a thrifted pair for ages and eventually had to bite the bullet and pay full price... oh well. I wear 'em all the time, so cost-per-wear worked out well!


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