Monday, December 31, 2012

Shark attack!

fisherman's sweater: f21 // fur stole: vintage // dress: thrifted // tights: macy's // shoes: azos //
necklace: ?? // bag: thrifted, CA // sunnies: street vendor, prague // belt: thrifted, MA

I'm realizing most of my looks fall into two categories: rich old grandma or hyper-active, ADHD little boy. And you know what? I'm strangely into it.

I wore this out to brunch (what is better than weekday brunch, I ask you) and then for a quick walk. Before anyone asks -- yes, that is real fur. My cats can vouch for that too, as they went nuts once I brought it out of my closet. I bought this piece at a vintage pop-up night after months and months of consideration. Wearing fur is pretty controversial, but I've decided that if it's thirty years or older, I'm okay with it. I also got to practice my sweet negotiation skills and got the price cut just about in half -- if there's one thing I've learned in 2012, it's this: I am pretty skilled at bargaining (see: my pretty sweet part-time job, if you need more evidence). Or maybe not as great as I thought, because after today's wear, I'm a little worried about the integrity of the lining. Sadly, I think this stole needs some major mending. Good thing I'm crafty and up for the challenge!

Given that it's very nearly 2013, most bloggers are doing yearly recaps -- but, seeing as I started blogging less than a month ago, I won't bore you with déjà vu. I'm also usually not one for resolutions (the year my bestie and I vowed to quit gorging ourselves on bread and cheese is the only recent one I can remember, and that lasted less than twenty-four hours), but, maybe because I see big changes afoot for 2013, I've got three new guidelines for the new year:
  1. Buy what I need, not what I (only think I) want: This goal was partially the impetus for starting a blog, and I think it's a pretty common one for style bloggers. I just did a huge closet clean-out and was really struck by two things: first that I am a ridiculous packrat, and secondly: my closet makes no sense. Why would I have a billion sea foam green sweaters if I don't even like sea foam green? So, no more of that. I'd like to invest in some quality basics that I know I'll wear again and again instead of only having a wardrobe of ridiculous statement pieces (though, I'm not going to give those up anytime soon). I'd also like to apply this to all my purchases, not just sartorial -- I've needed a new computer since forever; I need new glasses; I need new mascara so I don't get some sort of horrible eye disease and go blind (do yourself a favor and do not Web MD anything). You know what I do not need? Another thrifted sea foam green skirt.
  2. As many hair cuts as dental visits: This one... is probably more unique among style bloggers. I'm (maybe?) growing out my hair from a pixie cut for the second time, and there have already been some mullets along the way -- there are certainly more to come. Getting professional haircuts actually helps a lot to prevent this from happening (I just heard you gasp through your computer; it's shocking, I know). I am slightly crazy about taking care of my teeth and go to the dentist every three to four months; I'd like to find a stylist who I love and get a trim more regularly than that.

  3. Make the most of California: I am an east coast girl at heart, and I'm thrilled to be moving to Maine in the coming months. Instead of focusing on how ready I am to be back east and all the things I can't wait to have (real bagels! seasons! cheaper living! lobster!), I'd like to be purposeful with my remaining time in San Francisco. This means less whining and more fun: day trips, adventures with friends and hitting up everything on my bucket list.
What about you -- any resolutions, or do you find them silly? As you can tell, I fall in both camps. But in more important news, I also found a pretty sweet shark mural -- perhaps my greatest accomplishment of 2012.

Photos by the lovely Thom.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

On repeat

hat: urban outfitters // sunnies: street vendor in prague // sweater: thrifted, CA //
chambray: f21 // skinnies: f21 // bag: thrifted, CA // flats: thrifted, CO

I've basically been wearing this outfit nonstop since Friday, give or take -- I've been swapping in various hats and jeans and shoes, but the general idea has remained the same. I snagged this sweater from the children's section of Mission Thrift a few weeks ago, and despite some pretty narly stains on the front and a hole in the elbow, it's one of my favorite items (here's my super-secret solution for stains: I'm wearing it inside-out). As for this chambray, I've had it for years and used to dislike that it wasn't a button-up (it's a pull-over with buttons that reach half-way down), but I've recently fallen in love. Plus, it has pockets! Seriously, what's better than that?

All in all, this has been the perfect uniform for a pretty perfect weekend -- I've caught up with visiting friends, bought some new goodies (including this ideal winter hat), cleaned the apartment, grabbed groceries and played with the cats. Plus, we've watched about 4 hours of Doctor Who (and caught a late night showing of "Hitchcock"). That's what I call a weekend! What did you do with your last Saturday and Sunday of 2012?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sun + sparkles

booties: gap via thrift, CA // tights: h&m // skirt: jcrew via thrift, CA // yellow sweater: f21 //
lemon sheer button t: old gravy via thrift, CA // necklace: actually a purse strap //
belt: thrifted, VT // scarf: ? // sunnies: street vendor, prague

If it's going to be chilly, then the best thing to do is bust out something shiny to get the day started off right. That was my logic this morning, after I'd hit snooze an extra two (three) times and was running (very) late for work, per usual. The yellow was an obvious next choice, since lately I've been all about neutrals with a pop of brightness.

Even though I work in an office with a very casual dress code, on days when I'm not working from home I like to look (somewhat) presentable and office-appropriate. This skirt fit the bill perfectly, while still being festive. Plus, it's a conversation starter; namely -- do you think "sparkle" is a color? (I do not.)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to get the perfect scarf in seven easy steps

 boots: h&m // skinnies: ambiance // stripes: thrifted, CA // jacket: j crew outlet, old //
scarf: thanks, Sarah! // earrings: ? // bag: thrifted, ME

Step 1: Start a blog.
Step 2: Have very kind, stylish friends.
Step 3: Forget to wear a coat and scarf on Oakland's coldest day.
Step 4: Accept a friend's offer of loaned spare outerwear.
Step 5: Fall in love with the borrowed scarf and wear it in an outfit that makes it onto your blog.
Step 6: Thank your friend profusely when she offers to just give it to you, since she never wore it much anyway. (She's a fool, but a very kind one. Oh, and -- thank you, thank you thank you, Sarah!)
Step 7: Wear constantly. Bonus points if it blends into the brick background, and you don't get any good detail shots. And also, unrelated, but, you're really sleepy. Because that's what happened to me today, and I like bonus points.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Legs like a carrot

boots: steve madden // socks: h&m, last year // tights: target // pencil skirt: banana republic // t-shirt: gap //
cotton moto coat: urban outfitters via thrift // earrings: gift // scarf: borrowed (thanks, Sarah! I promise to give it back this week!)

I had this vision of an outfit when I woke up this morning -- lots of gray and some warm tones for punctuation; something maroon or rust. And, in my head, these tights were... different. Namely, not bright, bright, bright, oh-my-god-I'm-blind bright orange. I swear, when I got these at Target a few weeks ago, they seemed more pumpkin spice than traffic cone. Target! Why must you trick me like this? Well, joke's on you, because when I was traveling in Europe two summers ago and took fashion notes, "legs like a carrot" was high on my to-do list. We can question the merits of this goal later -- what's important is that I'm achieving successes here, people.

Also, apparently it's Christmas Eve or something? So if you're celebrating, I hope it's lovely -- and if you're not, enjoy the Chinese food and nearly empty movie theaters! Please send me some bagels; it's kind of an emergency.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cops and robbers

skirt: bcbg via thrift, CA // chambray: f21 // sweater: f21 // boots: steve madden, macy's // belt: thrifted, VT // socks: target, men's section

It has been raining like crazy this weekend, and I must confess that my desire to get dressed in actual clothes is directly affected by bad weather, so I haven't bothered to wear much worth photographing (unless you count my Haverford sweatpants and disintegrating hoodie from the 70s as noteworthy). So, this is a little number from earlier this week, when it was somehow still possible to wear skirts without tights. Those were the days!

As for the title of this post, something about these stripes just scream penitentiary uniform -- but in a good way, right?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Monochrome sea foam

sweater: thrifted, CA // skirt: jcrew via thrift, CA // tights: macy's // shoes: urban outfitters megasale, 2010 // necklace: f21

So, I really, really didn't think I had any green articles of clothing. In fact, during a green-themed work outfit challenge last week, I struggled to find anything that was green and wearable (or maybe, anything that was green and I felt like wearing it) -- and yet today, here we are. This was actually for another outfit challenge (what, we just all like clothes?), and to tackle monochromatic, I realized my options were basically black, navy, or green -- specifically, a bazillion sea foam green pieces. Bazillion is not an exaggeration: two shirts, three skirts, two sweaters, pants, shoes... that adds up to bazillion, right? Right.

On the way home from work, dear friend/photographer Sarah and I stopped at Salvation Army, since she was craving a(nother) wrap skirt and I was lusting after Kendi's pink pencil skirt (see: this 30-30-30). I got some goodies which will be unveiled soon -- but more importantly, I promise that I did not buy this fringed, shiny delight. You're welcome, world!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


shirt: f21 // skirt: h&m // scarf: gift, thanks ma! // tights: macy's // shoes: urban outfitters via goodwill

I have a confession to make -- I wore this outfit yesterday. Don't be mad, guys! While I'm at it, I should also confess that these pictures were taken on Sarah's camera instead of my dinky iPhone (iPhone, if you're reading this -- don't be mad. You have many talents but great pictures is not one of them.) Third confession? Yes, these tights are lace. I guess I totally underestimated the amount of lace I currently have in my wardrobe.

Since I'm only in the office one or two days a week now, getting dressed for work has become more fun (pencil skirts! heels!), and also much harder (most Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings: "whaaaaaaaat do I weaaaaaaaaaar?"). But this ended up working out perfectly -- I love the folds on this shirt, but it also has a weird peplum situation that never quite works the way I want it to when pants are involved. Solution: tuck it away and pretend it doesn't exist. Done and done.

I felt very dash-dot-dotty in this look, which I liked very much. And I think it passes her test, too:
Creative: peplum woes, be gone!
Young: Megawatt bright pink lips (thanks, Sephora)
Professional: Navy pencil skirt? Don't mind if I do.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Real world cabin chic

shoes: thrifted, CA // skinnies: forever 21 // stripes: banana republic // fisherman's sweater: forever 21 // scarf: thrifted, CA //
necklace: old purse chain // bag: thrifted, Maine

It's been quiet on this here blog these past few days -- I got back last night from Buffyfest 2012, a wonderful yearly tradition involving dear friends, a cabin in the woods, a fireplace, a ton of food and drinks, and a simple challenge: how many 45-minute episodes can actually be watched in 3 days? The answer is usually somewhere between 15 and 20, but this year we took some un/expected breaks (expected: the decision to watch Cabin In The Woods; unexpected: dealing with a backed-up septic system).

I wore a lot of what I like to call "cabin chic," meaning big comfy sweaters, leggings and no make-up (I also had grand intentions of snapping some shots, which did not materialize and/or came out crazy-banana-pants). So, while I may be back from my mini-vacation, the aesthetic lives on in this little autumnal ensemble.

Note to self: consider lipstick. Or lipgloss. Or chapstick. Really, anything to ensure that lips don't just blend into cheeks. While we're at it, consider a haircut, for realz this time. Related: I have... totally forgotten how to pose. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lace on lace

boots: steve madden via macy's // tights: macy's? // hidden but perfect socks: target // skirt: f21 // shirt: zara // belt: h&m //
cardigan: madewell via goodwill //  scarf: thrifted // bag: h&m // earrings: h&m // glasses: kate spade

Q: What happens when you stay up until midnight watching Dr. Who? 
A: You accidentally fall asleep without taking out your contacts, and have to wear your glasses the next day. Also, it takes you an extra 30 minutes to get dressed in the morning, and you're so tired that you don't even realize you've worn a lace skirt and a lace shirt (the only two lace items you own, in fact, except for that dress you just bought last week), until you get to the office and people start commenting. 

You'd think I might have learned a lesson from last night. But if we're being honest, I'm just taking a brief break to write this post so I can get back to Netflix and finish season 4...

Also, special thanks to Sarah for not only taking my pictures, but taking them on a real camera. Apparently, iphone technology can only take us so far. Plus, this totally cute thing happened -- matching socks!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Boots, meet blog

boots: steve madden via macy's // skinnies: ambiance // chambray: f21 // sweater: h&m // necklace: ? // circle scarf: h&m via goodwill

Some important letters to the B's in this outfit:
Dear Boots,
I hope you like having your picture taken, because I'm about to make you a star! Don't worry that you're a little scuffed up and worn around the edges -- that's just part of your charm. Remember that time I had to take you to the cobblers and they held you hostage for an extra 3 days? That was the worst. Thanks for being the best.

Dear Blog,
It's time you meet someonething special in my life -- my brown leather boots. Yes, every blogger worth her salt owns a pair, and yes, they are a few seasons old, but let's be real -- they are glorious. I just know we are all going to be fast friends.

Dear Belt,
We need to talk -- you are falling apart. Literally. I know you're the perfect color to match Boots, and I know you're the perfect width for belting over shirts, but... I think we both know that your time has come. It's not you -- it's me. Actually, scratch that, it is you. Keep it real though, Belt. Keep it real.

Dear Bangs,
I am so annoyed, I can't even look at you right now. Please, please -- pull it together. We are in public.

Oh, what? You don't write letters to inanimate objects?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Favorite vintage

dress: vintage via goodwill // teal slip (under): from a f21 dress // boots: h&m // belt: thrifted, CA //
bracelets: some cute little store in Iowa // bag: thrifted, VT

It might be a little early in this blog's history to be making such declarative statements, but I think this dress is my favorite vintage piece in my closet. I got it about three years ago and was a little thrown by it at first; it's short and more or less see-through, and I'm pretty sure it might actually be a nightgown. But I love it in spite -- or rather, because -- of these sometimes challenging attributes (that's how you know it's real love, folks).

These boots are a recent addition to my wardrobe, and I love 'em, too. They're currently only $15 at h&m, so walk--nay, run! over to your nearest location, so we can be matching besties. Aren't they perfect?

Saturday, December 8, 2012


boots: gap via goodwill // skirt: banana republic // plaid: jcrew via goodwill // sweater: h&m via goodwill //
belt: thrifted, little boy's section from a VT thrift // bag: h&m // sunnies: prague street vendor

In case you were wondering what I would look like as a riding instructor who misplaced her breeches, despite the fact that they are everywhere this season, or maybe an office worker-slash-horseback riding enthusiast, here's a pretty good guess. In real life, I am actually none of those things -- I'm fine with horses but I am not a horse-girl (I certainly don't give lessons in riding, though I have ridden a horse... once), and I don't even frequent an office that much anymore. But, this outfit came together when I was late leaving the house for a meeting and nothing else seemed to work -- plus that sweater has elbow patches -- so bring it on, Betty Draper.

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